Podcast and Webinar Appearances

WP Coffee Talk

One of the biggest assets of using WordPress is the connection to the WordPress community. WPCoffeeTalk introduces you to others all over the world just like you – using and making a living with WordPress.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and meet them.

Torque Social Hour

The Torque Social Hour is a weekly livestream of WordPress news and events. In this episode Nyasha recaps her travel to Bangkok, Thailand to participate in the first ever WordCamp Asia!

Do the Woo

We have even more Woo DevChats coming your way with a format of guest hosts.

Aside from our regular show I thought it would be fun, and also very cool to invite a couple developers to have a conversation about what they are working on. Challenges, successes, all the things between.

So I invited Nyasha Green and Kathy Darling to share their experiences around building blocks and all that comes with it. The chat is exactly what I had hoped for and I know you will enjoy everything they bring to this Devchat.

Hallway Chats

Nyasha and Topher’s interview with Matt Mullenweg, one of the co-founders of WordPress.

Press The Issue

MasterWP’s Podcast Press the Issue deals with a whole host of tech topics around WordPress and tech!