Nyasha Green


Hey there, tech lovers! I’m a tech instructor, web wonder girl, and content creator, all wrapped up in one! You can count on me to create top-notch custom websites and manage tech content like nobody’s business. You may know me as a LinkedIn Learning Instructor, a WordPress Make Marketing Team Rep, a programmer, a social media manager, and an open source contributor!

A person leans over a stone railing beside a river, with a visible rainbow in the mist. Another person stands nearby, in a sunny scene with blue skies.

“All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you.”

— Octavia E. Butler , an American science fiction author and a multiple recipient of the Hugo and Nebula awards.

What I do best:

Three people are smiling at the camera, one holding a film slate. They're in a room with a blue wall and modern furniture.

Learn web development with me!


Enhance your skills and knowledge in web development by accessing my comprehensive courses on LinkedIn Learning.

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Market your best self.


A collection of media that I’ve crafted for various courses, events, social media and businesses.

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A lot to chat about


From in-depth explorations of emerging technologies to engaging conversations about the future of innovation, my podcasts offer a rich tapestry of insights and inspiration.

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A view of my work

Web Design Portfolio

Step into the digital world of my web development portfolio, where innovation and creativity take center stage. I use WordPress to primarily build my websites. Take a look at my projects.

Content Creation

A cartoon drawing of Nyasha as a witch

A vibrant illustration features a person with a guitar, wearing a spacesuit, against a cosmic backdrop with other figures, planets, and a large moon.

In this image, users can search for crops or hybrids to see what new creations they can make or how they are made.

A person's hands typing on a keyboard, a blurred screen visible, overlaid with pink text saying "what's it like being working in tech?"

The image is a collage of graduation pictures showing diverse people in caps and gowns, with the title "Opening Doors" suggesting achievement and opportunity.

Public Speaking

Promotional graphic for WordCamp Rochester with a person's portrait to the right and event details to the left on a blue and white design.

I had the honor of being the keynote speaker at WordCamp Rochester 2023. Click below to listen to my entire keynote titled, “Charity Begins at Home: Why Communities are Stronger Together.”

WordPress Contributor Badges

The image displays seven colorful badges representing different roles such as Core Contributor, Marketing Contributor, and WordCamp Speaker in a Contribution History.