Different Podcasts I’ve appeared on

Press The Issue, a Master WP Podcast featuring Nyasha Green, Brian Coords, Rob Howard, Monet Davenport, and Teron Bullock

Press The Issue

MasterWP’s Podcast Press the Issue deals with a whole host of tech topics around WordPress and tech! (You can see me up there on the little Mt. Rushmore)

Hallway Chats

A HeroPress podcast hosted by Topher DeRosia and Co-Hosted by Nyasha Green

HeroPress and it's logo
Post Status Excerpt
"WCUS Afterthoughts, Accessibility, And Pay Transparency"
September 21, 2022
Nyasha Green and Dan Knauss pictured

Post Status: The Excerpt

Weekly conversations covering the WordPress news and topics we’re most engaged in within the WordPress community. No longer adding new episodes but good solid content.

Torque Social Hour

A is a weekly livestream of WordPress news and events. Hosted by DocPop.