Day 3 of Blogs to Blocks

So for my day 3 prompt celebrating #WP20 I chose the design portion.

Design: Redesign the homepage (or a subpage of your choosing). Go wild! No explanations required. Share your creation wherever you like (website, social media, digital art account, etc.), tag it #WP20, and post the link in the comments.

I want to do at least one item from each category so design seemed like a great choice for today. Also I just loved the idea of this prompt!

Everyone knows I love Kpop, my favorite being BTS and that I often say I want more people in the WordPress community to be BTS fans (ARMY are what we are called).

Well feast your eyes on my site redesign ๐Ÿ˜€

In this image, WordPress is celebrating its 20th anniversary and BTS is celebrating its 10th anniversary, encouraging people to publish their music and to start loving someone by understanding themselves first.
A group of people wearing suits congregate.
A group of people wearing suits assemble.